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Die cast LED tunnel light housing
outdoor used led tunnel light housing, good heat-radiation, IP65 protection rate
Aluminum die cast amplifier enclosure
custom-made aluminum die casting amplifier enclosure,good heat-radiation,strong anti-corruption after surface chromate and powder coating,good waterproof and dust resistant.used in hard environment outdoor
Aluminum LED Road Light Housing
We have more than 10 years' experience in producing the aluminum die cast housing for outdoor LED Road lights. We mainly do customized products.
Aluminum LED Street Light Fixture
high quality precise led street light fixture, good anti-corrosion, long lifespan after surface coating, made by pressure die casting process
Die Cast LED Street Light Housing
more than 10 years' focus on die casting aluminum housing for LED lights, Mainly do customized LED light housing.
Die cast fan clutch parts
oem auto fan clutch parts,made by die casting technology,good quality,CNC machining available,mold made inhouse. PPAP program executed.
LED road lamp heatsink
led road lamp heatsink, made by aluminum die casting, good heat-radiation, strong anti-corrosion, outdoor used.
High pressure die cast motorcycle parts
oem motorcycle engine parts,made by die casting technology,good quality,CNC machining and tapping available,mold made inhouse.